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Stu Sauce: Baby Dick Syndrome Music Video Animation

Music Video Animations are a very challenging beast, challenging in the sense that there really are no rules to doing it. That is why I prefer to use my 2D Animation skills for more Episodic Content since it is more straight forward and you can always rely on a consistent aesthetic.

Baby Dick Syndrome The Proposal

I was initially approached by Stu Sauce who is a local comedian and musician with a very Outgoing and some what eccentric personality as most people in South Florida. Stu approaches me with a rather informal proposal to do a music video based on a song he wrote titled: Baby Dick Syndrome of his “Dick and Fart Jokes EP“. This was shortly after I started working on The Reel Idiots Animated Short Buzz Off I was weary of taking on new projects but thought it would be dope cause I needed some money.

I will spare you the meaning of the song and its lyrics for selfish reasons because I want you to watch the music video I animated since he will be releasing the video soon.

The Animation of Baby Dick Syndrome

While I would love to talk about how smooth the animation process was It really was not. In short I blundered into the project, I would half animated scenes and It kinda showed in some scenes which you will see shortly in the music video. I really learned some hard lessons on why these projects should be done properly and thoroughly for each stage before moving on to the next.

I also took alot longer then I initially intended when working on the project. However despite all of the setbacks I managed to finish.

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