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Adult Animation : BUZZ OFF Insecticide Spray!

Adult Animation

I am Happy to Announce my collaboration with The Reel Idiots and Team Insomniac Films on the recent release of Buzz off Insecticide Spray:

Buzz Off Insecticide Spray Animation

The Synopsis

“Buzz Off Insecticide Spray” is an Adult Animation advertising an all purpose insecticide spray that not only kills bugs but also enhances the taste of anything it is sprayed on. The ad takes place in the backyard of a home during a barbecue/get together. Chris the man at the grill is interuppted by his Adam (his alcoholic friend) who compliments him on his grilling ability.

However undenounced to Adam Chris is being annoyed by a fly who carry’s him off into the sky after Chris snatches him in-between his fingers. Chris is left flying in mid air while his wife and best friend try to figure out how to get him down. During this crisis several character’s enter the scene touting the bug spray while fumbling it’s use.

The ad suddenly ends with Chris plunging to the floor killing a group of fly’s attending the funeral of a fly supposedly killed by the spray.

The Cast

Buzz Off was Written and Directed by Tyler Council who is the founder of The Reel Idiots a Film Troupe located in South Florida, known throughout the local and Regional Film Circuit for their Bohemian approach to comedy using the classic American Advertising format to showcase fictitious products. Some of the Reel Idiots more notable works include:

The Short’s principle Animator Nicholas Blackford AKA Lennyandfriends who specializes in 2D / 3D Adult Animation with Assistance from Sam Sterling AKA BigBossToon.

Animatic for Buzz Off

Voiced By: Chris Krider, Adam D. Crain, Mauriett Chayeb, Ben Shea, Ashley Reda, Chris Gladding & Cody Lueck.

Produced By: Tyler Council and Chris Krider of Team Insomniac Films


In the whimsical world of “Buzz Off Insecticide Spray,” laughter meets insect control in a backyard barbecue like no other. Directed by Tyler Council of The Reel Idiots, this adult animation brings to life the unexpected consequences of an all-purpose bug spray that not only eliminates pests but also flavors anything it touches.

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