Backgrounds how I build them for my Animations

In this video, I document my process when creating backgrounds for my animated features. In this case we will look at my current feature Tomatohead. The video is a speed paint of me creating the backgrounds and adding all the necessary elements to transform the scene and to help boost the performance of Adam D Crain.

I used mainly two programs to construct the scene, Adobe Photoshop CC and Blender (for exporting a PNG file of Tom’s car) Overall I had a ton of fun working on this project, as well as recording and editing it though I did have a moderately challenging time placing the stops for the cars.

completed background image
Final result, thats a pretty nice background you got there.

I hope you enjoyed that quick read on how I build backgrounds for my animations and checked out that sweet speed paint video. While your paroosing my blog I encourage you to check out my Digital art and Animation gallery page.

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