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Digital Art “Nice Day in the Swamp” Time Lapse

Lucky number Four Digital Art Time lapse video titled “Nice Day in the Swamp” you can view the artwork here also no special lofi artist this time around, it’s been quite challenging to get some new lofi music of late but there are tonnes of copyright free lofi music on youtube.

Digital Art Panel 2

My apologies for the brief hiatus, I went back to my home country for a few days on business and when I came back here the following few days were a mess to say the least.

Anyways I am happy to get back into the swing of things and produce more of these lovely Digital Art time lapse videos for you guys. I should have another one coming in the works however this next one is going to be based on my Adult Animated Comedy Tomatohead. I plan on doing a series of videos were I put together a scene and animated it, the concept is based on a previous video

The inspiration for this piece is derived from this past weekend, It’s typically hot and humid as balls in Florida but since this is the first day of fall it was actually nice out (still hot) but rather ok, definitely would love more days like this heading into winter.. possibly next year, why not forever.

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