“SNAP SHOT” 48 Hour Film Project

On July 31st I had the opportunity to be apart of an amazing movie by Team Insomniac Films for the Miami/Fort Lauderdale 48 Hour Film Project

What is SNAP SHOT about?

The film is called “SNAP SHOT” Directed by Chris Krider.

The story is about 2 career criminals who take up a job to recover a polaroid photo taken of their client by a photographer named Samantha Jimenez.

Samantha enchants the photo like a voodoo doll and can harm or even kill the subject by damaging the photo. Long story short you can watch the film below:

I was cast as “the brains of the operation” and a master lock picker who breaks into the studio as well as Samantha’s lock box to recover the photo.

While my co star Adam Crain, who also voices Tom from Tomatohead

 is the muscle with a penchant for using his hammer to do the talking.

If you haven’t already watched the film then *spoiler alert* we both die in the film. Its a bummer if you like bad guys maybe we should have had guns?

The 48 hour Film Project and SNAP SHOT’S Debut

The film premiered at the 48 hour film project on August 04th with about 20 plus other films.

Afterward we still thought our film was pretty solid and we were proven right on September 30.

During the 48 hour film’s award ceremony our film took 3 awards. Best lighting, best special effects and placing 3rd for the best film of the competition.

It was a stellar day which ended with us celebrating with a bar crawl of fort lauderdale.

In conclusion if your reading this I recommend you check out the film snapshot in the link above.

I had so much fun filming it and you will have as much fun watching it.

Its a wild ride with an interesting revelation at the end.

Support Team Insomniac

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