Yeti Hike, Digital Art and some Lofi

My Third time lapse video titled “Yeti Vapes and Hikes” My recent digital art piece which you can check out on instagram. Lofi music by Fraud Debussy.


Another topic I want to talk about is the use of the music in this piece. Composed by Local Lofi Hip hop artist Fraud Debussy my video features his full beat tape which you can check out at your leisure preferably via my time lapse video it makes for a nice chill artsy experience.

What is Lofi

Lofi (Lo-fi or Low Fidelity) is a music production quality were the imperfections of a recording are audible and often times deliberate aesthetic choice.

Another sub genre is Lofi Hip hop were a high utilization of elements such as introspection to engage with human emotion. I think that explains why people get so invested in the sound and you see it everywhere on the internet, specifically Lofi Live streams on youtube.

Channel Goals

A major goal of mine is to resuscitate my channel by posting as many videos based around digital art and animation. I hope to have a combination of time lapses of digital art pieces that come to mind as well as time lapses of me working on the different scenes of my animations whether they be Tomatohead or a random animated shorts.

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