Daisy Wet ranger

Hi, My Name’s Daisy. Animation

This was my newest short “Hi, my name’s Daisy” presenting my newest character to be animated named Daisy. Daisy is a home body from rural Florida he enjoys a simple life on his property overlooking that vast wetlands.

Daisy has a Show

Daisy is apart of the cast of another animated short I as well as the voice of Daisy Adriel Kaplan have in the works called “Wetranger”.

A show about Flamingo who moved out of the city hoping to get away from rising crime, lack of food, and a decent job in hopes of a simple life. However it turns out the rural life comes with a different set of problems he did not realize.


Untop of not being able to find a job he realizes that the wetlands are a strange place filled with strange creatures. Swamp monsters, Gator Gangs, Aliens, and Strange Villains with hench women all while dealing his obnoxious roommates.

One in particular being Betty the Yeti, an adventurous take no prisoners free spirit that enjoys roaming about the countryside in his trusty pickup truck companion who is the namesake of the show Wetranger.

Betty The Yeti in the Wet Ranger

The Writing Process

At this moment I am still in the writing process (and I’m having fun) with this show and its episodes. Finding the right characters appears to be quite the challenge, people have lives and cannot guarantee a commitment at the moment but thats cool. In the mean time I have alot to do as far as concept art and character design is concerned.

Overall I have a feeling this project is gonna be fun as long as I can keep the run time short. This will be easier for me to produce more animations, speaking of which I would like to do a dramatic overhaul of my animation approach. I prefer to do less dynamic angles (which are a pain to animate) and an emphasis on humor and fun via the dialogue and simple use of character angles.

In the mean time while I work on this feel free to browse more of my animations and let me know your feedback, I look forward to hearing from you all.

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