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Wet Ranger Lofi / Chill / Digital Art Speed Paint

The latest Digital Art piece of mine to drop features our classic character Betty the Yeti. This time however he’s not just sitting in a lawn chair enjoying a cold one in swamp. No this time he’s riding in style, I decided to add a Pickup Truck to his list personal effects.

Every Pickup Truck has a name

To sweeten the pie I thought of giving the truck a name, I decided to call it “The Wet Ranger”. Taken from combining the “Wet” from Wetlands and “Ranger” from Ford Ranger. This vehicle allows Betty to travel the wetlands in style while remaining protected from the denizens of the Swamp.

About the Digital Art Piece

This piece started out as a simple sketch which you can see below.

The Wet Ranger as a Sketch

I then took this bad boy into Photoshop where I used the Pen tool to draw over the sketch layer. Overall the final piece came out better then I expected, I’m most proud of how the front guard came out.

Are you going to do anything with this Character ?

The short answer is Yes! I definitely plan too put him in an animated short I’m currently writing. I want to take my time with getting the foundational elements of the short down while fleshing out the characters, then I will proceed to episodes. This will take time however since at the moment I am super busy and still working on Tomatohead. Hopefully I will get a short out some time next year.

Future of the Speed Paint Videos

While I have every intention to keep doing these videos as long as possible I am having a bit of difficulty finding music for each video as well as ideas for future videos. I intend to take this one day at a time and definitely keep drawing, eventually the ideas will come out.

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