Muppet Zelda Fan Art Speed Paint

It’s been a while since I did one of these but its great to get back into the swing of things and at least try to get one more video in before the end of the month. This speed paint using one of my original characters is based on the theme Zelda dressing my character named Fulk dressed as the game’s protagonist link

About the Zelda Speed Paint

This art work features my Original Character named of Fulk dressed as Link from Zelda chilling in a field reminiscent of the vast grassy planes Hyrule from Ocarina of Time. He looks blissfully at the two Fairy’s glowing to imitate Navi Link’s resident fairy and travel companion throughout the Legend of Zelda Series.


The inspiration simply put was just to have something done before the end of Haloween 2021 so I thought put one of my characters in Costume. At first I wanted to do everyone’s favorite Yeti but I just did not see him as a very good link… maybe I will do him as Ganondorf, he might pull that off better.

I also wanted to do a post on Zelda just out of curiosity and a desire to rank for said Key word. I fully intend to do more of these especially if this works and maybe you guys will get a kick out of seeing your favorite franchises adapted by some of my original characters. Beyond just featuring my characters in Fan Art I intend to do more with the characters in terms of Animated shorts featuring other characters of mine, maybe a cameo in Tomatohead time will tell and I recommend you stay tuned.

In Closing

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