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Tom Gets Ghosted at Filmgate Miami

First Time at Filmgate Miami

2 Weeks ago. I attended the live showing of Tom Get’s Ghosted at Filmgate Miami located in Silverspot Cinema, a high end movie theatre in Downtown Miami.

What is Film Gate

Filmgate Miami, is a film organization committed to showcasing the best films from creators all over South Florida. Read more about who they are board of directors and about page

The initial setup is pretty cool, almost designed to make the filmakers feel like mini celebs. They had an area with the filmgate background were a professional photographer would photograph the crew of each film. Then they had the filmmakers (myself included) talk a little bit about the film with a quick interview.

Me getting interviewed for film Gate Miami

Once that was over, we went into the cinema were they had a session called a “percolater”. This is when a filmmaker talks a little bit about their film and plug their next production.

Nick Presenting at Filmgate

Me speaking at the percolator

The Film Line Up

Filmgate Lineup
Movie Line up for Filmgate
Poster for Tom Get’s ghosted

I wouldn’t say all the films were great but some were quite memorable (myself and The Anti Foundation Foundation). Also there was a very trippy film about someone’s dog dreaming as well as a film were the whole thing consisted of a banana getting peeled to some weird sound effects.. Overall still a great lineup of interesting and provocative films.

Unfortunately we did not win anything (neither myself or the Reel Idiots) 2 chick flicks won best movie and Audience favorite, I don’t actually believe the results to be very honest with you especially when you consider the overt wokeness of the organization and Judges but it was a great experience and I definitely look forward to the next one.

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