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Interview with Omegaspit on Miami Community Radio

It started with a story on my friend’s Instagram promoting a small film festival located in the heart of Miami, The Event was called the 786 Film Festival, streamed live by a little known organization called Miami Community Radio. The event was organized by a small Gen Z lead production group called Omegaspit in association […]

“The Last Lap” An Animation and Short Film Showcase

On Tuesday June 20th at 7:00pm I streamed “The Last Lap” An Animation and Film Showcase comprising of the works of several of my friends and collogues in the creative field. The Last Lap Lineup: – Myself @lennyandfriends– @teaminsomniacfilms– @jessesmall_animation– @dillon.okeefe–@westtexasbusinessrobot– @the_reel_idiots– @bigbosstoon With Music By: What Inspired The Last Lap Having always been a […]