786 fil festival

Interview with Omegaspit on Miami Community Radio

LennyandFriends/Team Insomniac Films interview on Miami Community Radio.

It started with a story on my friend’s Instagram promoting a small film festival located in the heart of Miami, The Event was called the 786 Film Festival, streamed live by a little known organization called Miami Community Radio.

Screenshot of the original poster. https://www.instagram.com/p/CrJuhwLujE2/?img_index=1

The event was organized by a small Gen Z lead production group called Omegaspit in association with Casa Crea a Miami based creative space dedicated to all things artsy.

Coming off the high of having submitted Tom Gets Ghosted to Film Gate Miami and Winning nothing and a brief council with the Tomatohead producer Chris Krider we made the decision to submit the film to the film festival.

The organizer’s reached out to let us know the details like the date of the event as well as meet and greet with the other filmmakers.

The Interview at Miami Community Radio

The interveiw was streamed on Miami Community Radio, a small online streaming station located in Little River Miami. They mainly stream DJ’s and musical artists as well as some topical discussion shows.

All that aside the interview was probably my favorite part of the whole experience more so then the film festival itself because it gave Chris an I an Opportunity to talk briefly about Tomatohead, the voice actors as well as future plans for the show itself. The was quite a novel experience that provides resources for smaller creators to talk about themselves and their brand. I will definitely be using this video to promote my show as well as lennyandfriends as a whole. Plus its cool to see myself on camera talking about my passion and being accompanied by a friend that supports my work.

The 786 Film Festival

Unfortunately Chris was not able to attend the event so I went solo which was a good thing considering the audio issues that came about during the streaming of Tom’s Supernatural Experience. However it did make for some heartly laughs since the audio issue worked for the show and I kept getting repeatedly asked if that was intentional to which i replied “no” then gave them the youtube link to the original.

Ultimately I also did not win this one either but it was still very good exposure which lead to Tom’s Supernatural Experience being featured on Miami Film Lab’s Youtube Channel which I will discuss in another blog post.

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