Tomatohead Animated Scene Time Lapse

The second Time Lapse of me working on a scene from Episode 3 of Tomatohead. I take you through the process that goes into animating a scene with music by GrandBugs.

Will Tomatohead Episode 3 be ready this year?

The Episode is still currently in the works, I have alot of stuff I need to do before I get it ready for my lovely viewers hopefully this year! Just bare with me guys I am currently working on this by myself with intermittent help from some lovely people.

In the mean time feel free to check out Episodes 1 and 2 on my Gallery page.

Wet Ranger Lofi / Chill / Digital Art Speed Paint

The latest Digital Art piece of mine to drop features our classic character Betty the Yeti. This time however he’s not just sitting in a lawn chair enjoying a cold one in swamp. No this time he’s riding in style, I decided to add a Pickup Truck to his list personal effects.

Every Pickup Truck has a name

To sweeten the pie I thought of giving the truck a name, I decided to call it “The Wet Ranger”. Taken from combining the “Wet” from Wetlands and “Ranger” from Ford Ranger. This vehicle allows Betty to travel the wetlands in style while remaining protected from the denizens of the Swamp.

About the Digital Art Piece

This piece started out as a simple sketch which you can see below.

The Wet Ranger as a Sketch

I then took this bad boy into Photoshop where I used the Pen tool to draw over the sketch layer. Overall the final piece came out better then I expected, I’m most proud of how the front guard came out.

Are you going to do anything with this Character ?

The short answer is Yes! I definitely plan too put him in an animated short I’m currently writing. I want to take my time with getting the foundational elements of the short down while fleshing out the characters, then I will proceed to episodes. This will take time however since at the moment I am super busy and still working on Tomatohead. Hopefully I will get a short out some time next year.

Future of the Speed Paint Videos

While I have every intention to keep doing these videos as long as possible I am having a bit of difficulty finding music for each video as well as ideas for future videos. I intend to take this one day at a time and definitely keep drawing, eventually the ideas will come out.

Muppet Zelda Fan Art Speed Paint

It’s been a while since I did one of these but its great to get back into the swing of things and at least try to get one more video in before the end of the month. This speed paint using one of my original characters is based on the theme Zelda dressing my character named Fulk dressed as the game’s protagonist link

About the Zelda Speed Paint

This art work features my Original Character named of Fulk dressed as Link from Zelda chilling in a field reminiscent of the vast grassy planes Hyrule from Ocarina of Time. He looks blissfully at the two Fairy’s glowing to imitate Navi Link’s resident fairy and travel companion throughout the Legend of Zelda Series.


The inspiration simply put was just to have something done before the end of Haloween 2021 so I thought put one of my characters in Costume. At first I wanted to do everyone’s favorite Yeti but I just did not see him as a very good link… maybe I will do him as Ganondorf, he might pull that off better.

I also wanted to do a post on Zelda just out of curiosity and a desire to rank for said Key word. I fully intend to do more of these especially if this works and maybe you guys will get a kick out of seeing your favorite franchises adapted by some of my original characters. Beyond just featuring my characters in Fan Art I intend to do more with the characters in terms of Animated shorts featuring other characters of mine, maybe a cameo in Tomatohead time will tell and I recommend you stay tuned.

In Closing

Hey I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and checking out my Speed Paint Videos, I encourage you to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel or follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to stay up to date on new Art work and animations.

Digital Art “Nice Day in the Swamp” Time Lapse

Lucky number Four Digital Art Time lapse video titled “Nice Day in the Swamp” you can view the artwork here also no special lofi artist this time around, it’s been quite challenging to get some new lofi music of late but there are tonnes of copyright free lofi music on youtube.

Digital Art Panel 2

My apologies for the brief hiatus, I went back to my home country for a few days on business and when I came back here the following few days were a mess to say the least.

Anyways I am happy to get back into the swing of things and produce more of these lovely Digital Art time lapse videos for you guys. I should have another one coming in the works however this next one is going to be based on my Adult Animated Comedy Tomatohead. I plan on doing a series of videos were I put together a scene and animated it, the concept is based on a previous video

The inspiration for this piece is derived from this past weekend, It’s typically hot and humid as balls in Florida but since this is the first day of fall it was actually nice out (still hot) but rather ok, definitely would love more days like this heading into winter.. possibly next year, why not forever.

Yeti Hike, Digital Art and some Lofi

My Third time lapse video titled “Yeti Vapes and Hikes” My recent digital art piece which you can check out on instagram. Lofi music by Fraud Debussy.


Another topic I want to talk about is the use of the music in this piece. Composed by Local Lofi Hip hop artist Fraud Debussy my video features his full beat tape which you can check out at your leisure preferably via my time lapse video it makes for a nice chill artsy experience.

What is Lofi

Lofi (Lo-fi or Low Fidelity) is a music production quality were the imperfections of a recording are audible and often times deliberate aesthetic choice.

Another sub genre is Lofi Hip hop were a high utilization of elements such as introspection to engage with human emotion. I think that explains why people get so invested in the sound and you see it everywhere on the internet, specifically Lofi Live streams on youtube.

Channel Goals

A major goal of mine is to resuscitate my channel by posting as many videos based around digital art and animation. I hope to have a combination of time lapses of digital art pieces that come to mind as well as time lapses of me working on the different scenes of my animations whether they be Tomatohead or a random animated shorts.

That one time I Pitched Adult Swim

Adult Swim

2020 was a crazy year but it was the year I got the opportunity to pitch Tomatohead.Yup,

I got to pitch the developers at Adult Swim.

Their now defunct online streaming show development meeting to be specific.

The Black Swan Event

It started last year when that ill fated pandemic besieged the planet. Forcing us to spend almost a year in near total lockdown.
After a few months all it took was a video of a cop leaning on this guys neck to set the whole world off.
Before we knew it the country spend the next 90 days in flames, every one and their Grandmother hated the cops.

Not me tho I took a negative and turned it into a positive, while everyone was panicking (I did a bit of that) I was busy working on the first 2 episodes of Tomatohead. I had fun those months to be honest,

I was the most productive at that time and I was really proud of the results. I also learned so much and picked up some skills with Blender.

The Pitch

I first heard of Adult Swim Development Meeting from my friend “Juicy Pequeno“a fellow animator and creator of the famous Beans and Toast. He expressed a desire to one day pitch a story to them and last year June was my time to do so.

How it worked was simple, If you wanted to pitch you simply clicked the link in the description to sign into the whereby chatroom. If you are lucky then hosts will select your chat box, make sure you put together all your assets in a google drive link (make it public and view only). That way the devs can go through and discuss your stuff while the audience watches and intereacts in the adultswim dot com chatroom. At the end they select the top three winners the best pitch can win up to $300-$500.

At the time I had no idea how nervous I was, I was also extremely unprepared. Ultimately I won $300 and eventually paid the Adam Crain and Chris Krider the dudes that helped me out with the voice work and story and the rest is History.

The Aftermath

Well I never became famous or the next Justin Roiland but I did have a wellspring of confidence and something to brag about tho I don’t think it works all that well lol. Well it was awesome that I did it and intended to do it again until I was informed that the show has been cancelled and all episodes are no longer available on the adult swim website.

FAM! Digital Art Time lapse

This is the second time lapse of me working on a fictitious Digital Art Poster for an animated short called FAM! I wanted to do a video of me painting while I explained my progress. Instead I ran into some issues with the audio being too low. So I opted for the time lapse instead.

Fam Digital Art Poster
Fam Poster

What is a Time lapse ?

According to Wikipedia a Time Lapse ” is a technique in which the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than the frequency used to view the sequence.”

I plan to do more of these going forward. Both Ideas for digital art, and also to document my process as I work on Tomatohead my animated web series.

My Programs

  • OBS Studio
  • Adobe Photoshop

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post on my digital art process. I didn’t want to focus too much on a lengthy text article. I did not want to take away from the video. If you are reading this check out my other post were you get to watch my first ever time lapse. Try not to cringe too much for you seasoned artists out there.

If your a seasoned digital artist “like me” and want to collab hit me up on my contact page and I will get to you as soon as I can or otherwise hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

Backgrounds how I build them for my Animations

In this video, I document my process when creating backgrounds for my animated features. In this case we will look at my current feature Tomatohead. The video is a speed paint of me creating the backgrounds and adding all the necessary elements to transform the scene and to help boost the performance of Adam D Crain.

I used mainly two programs to construct the scene, Adobe Photoshop CC and Blender (for exporting a PNG file of Tom’s car) Overall I had a ton of fun working on this project, as well as recording and editing it though I did have a moderately challenging time placing the stops for the cars.

completed background image
Final result, thats a pretty nice background you got there.

I hope you enjoyed that quick read on how I build backgrounds for my animations and checked out that sweet speed paint video. While your paroosing my blog I encourage you to check out my Digital art and Animation gallery page.